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Your Digital
Business Card!
At Your Customers' Fingertips!

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Doesn't Require App Store Purchase!

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Your customers are constantly on their phones, just like you! Everything these days seems to be done digitally, from ordering pizza to scheduling a doctor's appointment. It's time for a digital business card that looks just like an app on your customer's phone!

Every time your customer opens her phone, she'll see your hot pink MK app icon and she will remember you! When she opens it, she can call you, text you, email you, friend you, shop from your website, and even get directions to your home to pick up product.

There's a link to the Look. You can add a recruiting video and we've added the fun customer service commercial.

Click here to see a video of the app in action, plus download the demo and try it out for yourself!

No app store purchase required. This is actually a personal webpage of yours, just linking to your personal company website, but with links to your personal contact info. When you're with a customer, such as at a party or making a delivery, just text the link of your digital business card to your customer's phone. As soon as she gets the text, which should be immediately, have her open it and help her add it to her home screen. Instructions for adding the app to the home screen are included at the bottom of your Digital Business Card.